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Lifterbottle vs. Traditional Smooth Walled Bottle

Historically, cyanide bottle roll leach tests have been run in smooth walled bottles in which mixing of the solid with the solution is difficult and sometimes nonexistent.

LIFTERBOTTLE™ with its integrated lifters helps ensure proper mixing every time.​ Take the guesswork out of leachability testing and ensure reproducible metallurgical testing results with LIFTERBOTTLE™.

Since 1972, Kappes, Cassiday & Associates (KCA) has provided process metallurgical services to the international mining industry. KCA specializes in all aspects of heap leach and cyanide processing, including laboratory testing, project feasibility studies, engineering design, construction, and operations management. After several years of research and development, KCA has proudly provided the LIFTERBOTTLE™ and KCA bottle roll procedure to clients all over the world since 2015.

The KCA LIFTERBOTTLE™ is a three and one-half liter, wide mouth, HDPE/PP bottle with integrated lifters cast into the walls of the bottle. Due to popular demand the KCA LIFTERBOTTLE™ now also comes in Polypropylene and is available to order with ventilated caps used for gas sampling.

For researchers without access to large rolling tables, KCA offers a single bottle variable speed rolling table (pictured below) available here.

Roller Table 2

Model 4R

“ all rolls are driven, allowing consistent results”.

KCA also offers large rolling tables to suit the needs of labs of all sizes. Pictured below is the heavy duty Model 4R rolling table with 5" thick rolls for longevity. The Model 4R is capable of rolling 12 Lifterbottles at a time and can also be used for jar milling applications.

Roller Table

Model 20R

“ all rolls are driven, allowing consistent results”.

Pictured below is the Model 20R capable of rolling up to 76 Lifterbottles at a time and rolling up jars up to 200 liters (55 gallon) in size.


Metallurgical Use



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