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Biological Uses - Culture Bottles

After four years of development, Kappes, Cassiday & Associates (KCA) is proud to announce the LIFTERBOTTLE™, a three and one-half liter, wide mouth, polypropylene (PP) bottle with integrated lifters cast into the walls of the bottle.  The mouth is 90 mm wide to allow for the introduction of various sample media and the easy addition and removal of growth scaffolds. The large opening is designed to empty quickly and allow easy cleaning and sterilization. The integrated sealing surface design of the lid gives a tight seal without gaskets for easier maintenance and no contamination. All components of the bottle can be autoclaved.

An optional rotating joint is available, which mounts in the lid and allows for the insertion of up to four non-rotating tubes for pH or temperature probes, or addition of reagents and continuous media removal, as needed.

For investigators without access to multi-bottle roller tables, KCA offers a single bottle roller table, with rotation speeds from very slow, for sensitive organisms or slow kinetics to as fast as 75 rpm, 2/3 full of water, at full incline. The unit contains an intermittent timer for even greater control of rolling intensity to as low as one revolution per hour.

Lifterbottle Single Bottle Roller
Single Bottle Roller

Coming soon will be a clear, close-fitting hood with a heating-cooling unit to maintain testing temperatures of 2 to 57 °C.

Lifterbottle Single Bottle window view
The lifters allow for gentle but efficient agitation of coarse particles or growth scaffolding

Single roller plus bottle, $168.00 / Additional bottles w/ lids in lots of six with the purchase of a Bottle Roller, $28.00 per bottle. / Lid assembly with rotating joint $42.00

For researchers without access to large rolling tables, KCA offers a single bottle variable speed rolling table (pictured below) available here.

Roller Table 2

Model 4R

“ all rolls are driven, allowing consistent results”.

KCA also offers large rolling tables to suit the needs of labs of all sizes. Pictured below is the heavy duty Model 4R rolling table with 5" thick rolls for longevity. The Model 4R is capable of rolling 12 Lifterbottles at a time and can also be used for jar milling applications.

Roller Table

Model 20R

“ all rolls are driven, allowing consistent results”.

Pictured below is the Model 20R capable of rolling up to 76 Lifterbottles at a time and rolling up jars up to 200 liters (55 gallon) in size.


Metallurgical Use



U.S. Patent No. 9,187,211 B2

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