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This is a power cycle interval timer that allows the user to set a schedule to turn on the power for a specific duration and turn off the power for an alternate duration. Allowing the user to control the exact amount of rotations of the bottle for an exact time period when using the LIFTERBOTTLE™ rolling table. The user could set intervals as small as one (1) sec on an hourly basis allowing for the user of the LIFTERBOTTLE™ rolling table to reduce milling action and ensure solution movement.

Interval Timer
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In a bottle roll leach test, a portion of the crushed or milled material is slurried with a leach solution. The bottle is then rolled on a laboratory jar-mill rolling table to agitate the slurry. In typical bottle roll leach tests, the walls of the bottles are smooth. With smooth walls, the material will slide along the bottom if the bottle is rotated too slowly, and the material will stay on the walls if the bottle is rotated too quickly. In either case, the solid material does not mix well with the leach solution. To prevent these types of problems in bottle roll leach testing, the LIFTERBOTTLE® was developed.
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